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Staraya Ladoga

The trip to Staraya Ladoga seemed to be an opportunity  to meet with the historical artifacts. The year of the founding of the Staraya Ladoga is 753. In other words, today that Saint-Petersburg’s neighbor has been founded before the reign of Rurik (Rurik – the first Russian king established Russia in the ninth century)

Staraya Ladoga  is a unique place which was not affected by wars, unlike another historical city -  Veliky Novgorod.

Not far from fortress, tourists are welcomed by a monument to the founders of the Old Russian State, - Rurik and Oleg.

Photo of monument in Staraya Ladoga

The reason for the founding of that monument in Staraya Ladoga is obvious: Staraya Ladoga was the first capital of Russia. First Russian king Rurik did not stay here long moving to Novgorod soon, but that historical fact is very a significant event for the whole of Russian history. Here in Staraya Ladoga Russian State was born.

The fortress was founded here in the 10th century, but of course, original construction has not survived up to the present day. Only foundation of the fortress has been preserved good, as for the impressive towers, - they are the product of restoration.


Photo of Staraya Ladoga fortress

Entrance to the fortress


Photo of entrance

The Church of Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki (17th century)

Photo of chirch in Staraya Ladoga

The Church of Saint George (12th century)

The Church of Saint George from another point of view

Archeologists. By the way exactly in the Staraya Ladoga in 1708 the first scientific archaeology excavation took place in Russia

Impressive views of the courtyard from the second floor

Inside the fortress there is a local history museum, opened in 1971 and containing a large number of historical artefacts.

Фото макета староладожской крепости

Staraya Ladoga situated along the Volkhov River

Фото реки Волхов

There is an opinion that from this point of view famous Russian artist Nikolai Roerich created his picture «Overseas Guests» (1901).

Место заморские гости

Near the Volkhov River, burial mounds (8th  - 10th  centuries). Here is the history – so close.

Fortress of Staraya Ladoga from the other shore

Volkhov river before the storm

Photo of Volkhov RiverStaraya Ladoga is a city that definitely will impress tourists interested in history.




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