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Finnish city Savonlinna (Swedish Nyslot) situated in the southeast of Finland near the Saima water system. Such geographical location made It reasonable to build here a fortress in the 15th century. By the way that fortress has been preserved very well since the Middle Ages

The first thing that caught my eye was pyramidal poplars, which are more associated with the southern regions and in that area such poplars are extremely unusual, but here there are plenty of them.


       On the streets of Savonlinna you can see the Nordic Romantic architectural style

      However, it harmoniously combines with modern Finnish urban housing.

      On many houses near the entrance is decorated with a pot or lamp. Simple and cozy.

That is the fortress of Olavinlinna (in Swedish Olafsborg). Like much in Scandinavia and the Baltic states is named after St. Olaf. The fortress was founded in 1475 and subsequently became a city-forming enterprise. Initially it was erected in case of aggravation of relations with the Moscow state. By appointment, It was repeatedly used with varying success.

Water - a natural barrier around the fortress. The garrison of the fortress by today's standards was a small - something about 150-200 people. However, the fortress had its own brewery.

The inner courtyard of the fortress

Near the fortress there is an atmospheric local museum

Since the museum is a local history museum, the spirit of Savo region is ewerywhere. This is, for example, the interior decoration of the rural hut of the 1920s.

Fisheries are traditional for Finland

You can find yourself in the Finnish school class of the late XIX - early XX centuries.


It is logical to finish the historical excursion with a vintage museum photo, on which the uneven landscape of Savonlinna is so well recognized.




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